Join us for Tour de Fat!

One of Fort Collins’ great fall traditions is the annual Tour de Fat presented by New Belgium Brewing Co.!  This is a colorful, noisy, magnificent bike parade complete with costumes for both humans and bikes. Tour de Fat is a traveling bike festival taking place in 13 cities across the U.S., promoting bike use. The Ft….

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  • Finullgarn-Colorwork-Wristlets-RTP

    Come for Colorwork!

    We have a class starting on Tuesday that we are thrilled about, although some of us are a little intimidated at the same time!  That’s good because it means learning will take place and our knitting skills will grow. Jeannie Giberson, a gifted and patient colorwork teacher, is teaching a two session Colorwork Fundamentals class on…

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  • YOTH-hats-and-mitts-RTP

    Yarn On The House!

    Yarn On The House is the perfect name because this company is truly a family affair!  In addition to their yarn bases being named after family members; DK weight Big Sister, fingering weight Little Brother, lace weight Mother, and worsted weight Father, each of these people is involved in the daily running of YOTH. Big sister…

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  • bibs-and-bobs-RTP

    ‘Bibs and Bobs’

    In the shop we keep a basket full of small bits of yarn that we call ‘bibs and bobs’.  Some are large enough for a small  item, most have only enough yardage to use as a contrast or a sample to practice a technique.  This post is like that basket! My Sister Knits’ Olympic Challenge For those of you who finished…

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  • spincycle-kit-RTP

    Awash with Spincycle

    We are awash with our new supply of Spincycle kits and individual skeins of yarn! We  have Clementine Cowl kits using superwashed-in-America sport weight Dyed In The Wool.  The colorwork is created with slipped stitches which makes it look harder than it is! We have Cara Cowl kits using Independence, a heavy worsted weight yarn….

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  • Cumbria-RTP

    Kelbourne Woolens Trunk Show!

    Our Kelbourne Woolens’ trunk show has arrived and the samples are ready for you!  This collection of 6 sweaters was designed by Bristol Ivy using Cumbria and Cumbria fingering yarn.  The 10% mohair adds luster and strength to the blend of Merino and Masham wool, perfect for long lasting sweaters! You’ll understand why Bristol is known for using…

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  • Yarn-balm-RTP

    Just What Our Hands Need!

    One of our passions at My Sister Knits is finding small independent companies whose products are worthy of recommendation to our friends and customers.  It’s even better when we find someone local!  We are pleased to introduce Jane Anderson who makes one of our unique, hand selected products, Yarn Balm! Jane tells us, in her own…

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  • frog-01

    Recycle, re-use, re-envision, re-frog

    Kate should swatch, but doesn’t.  It means that she has more projects than she would like that are not exactly what she hoped they’d be.  Sometimes the sizing is off, and occasionally the yarn would be better suited in another stitch or at another gauge. By swatching, she could get a chance to work with…

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  • Stanley-for-blog--post-RTP

    Great News!

    We have been able to negotiate a lower price for our A Knitting Weekend in the Rockies retreat, November 18th – 20th! Julie and I spent Monday afternoon in Estes Park and we’re more excited than ever about this special event! We drove up Highway 36 instead of our regular Highway 34 which will be closed in November.  It was…

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  • Cocoknits-shadow-short-rowRTP

    New Fearless Knitting Technique

    Shadow Short Rows.  Possibly your new favorite!  There is no wrapping, no picking up of wraps, and it’s a one row process that can be used in any pattern requiring short rows! Sock knitters will be pleased to know that this technique works beautifully with socks as it was created by Alice Yu, author of Socktopus: 17 Pairs of Socks to Knit…

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