We heart Shibui (part one)

This week the shop is full of Shibui samples!  These garments are beautifully made, and in at least one case, unusual enough that you must try it on to fully understand the magic that the designers have created.

We know that this time of the year is often full of travel, so just in case your plans keep you from a quick visit to the shop while this Trunk Show is with us, we want to be sure that you don’t miss out on the fun.  The girls in the shop took a few photos that we will share with you this week, so that you can see what’s new for Shibui this Fall.


shibui trunk 01

On the left we have Mix No. 27 designed by Lori Versaci.  You were introduced to a locally produced sample of this pattern in an earlier blog post.  We love how this simple top is made more interesting by the changing fabric resulting from shifting the gauge of the Shibui Linen by doubling the strand in the middle of the back.

And on the right is Mix No. 25 designed by Lidia Tsymbal.  This oversize cardigan was created by knitting with two strands of ShiBui Pebble held together throughout the project.  “A simple rib stitch in Pebble gives this classic wardrobe staple a lightweight, comfortable texture. Raglan details and a modern neckline make this a draped and flattering silhouette — the perfect piece for any kind of day.”


shibui trunk 02

Next is Mix No. 30 also designed by Lidia Tsymbal.  This simple wide neck pull-over tee features an interesting interplay of stripes and textures.  It is created by using Shibui Heichi and Shibui Silk Cloud held together.  This combination of 100% raw silk with silk and mohair creates a fabric that is wonderfully fluid and drapey.

“Heichi and Silk Cloud combine to create a luscious fabric for this tunic tee. Stripes of reverse garter amble horizontally across the body, the sheen of silk and mohair radiating from every stitch. Thick, banded edging on the sleeves and hem lend structure and weight, while a rolled neck rests delicately across the wearer’s collarbone.”

Last but not least is Mix No. 28 designed by Lori Versaci.  This little vest is one that Dawn insists must be tried on.  “Striking and fluid in a lush fabric of Pebble and Linen, this seemingly simple vest has exceptional detail. Sporting a slash front, wrap around neck, and button accents, this piece is at once both timeless and innovative.”  While it looks like a puzzle on the hanger, it hugs one’s curves in wonderfully flattering ways on the body.

We have a few more photos from this collection that we’ll share with you later this week.  We hope that you can come for a visit because our photos can only go so far in showing you how special these samples are.  Coming in to feel the fabric, try them on, and browse the rich selection of Shibui yarns in every color imaginable, is where the real magic is.

Wonderful things can come of trying something new

This week’s Fiber Co. Yarn Tasting was delicious!  We had a marvelous time on Tuesday evening and want to thank all of you who participated.

It was a fun way to sample a variety of yarns in a range of gauges.  Many of those who joined us tried working with needles that they don’t normally knit with.  It can be fun to try something new, and we want to thank you all who came for bringing your love of experimention.

We also want to the the Back Country Deli for providing delicious sandwiches, and Karen, the hero of the evening, who brought a homemade cheesecake that was a real treat!

The surprise visit by Sabrina of Anzula was the cherry on the sundae.  All of us were delighted to see the new yarns that she’s been experimenting with.  She has been hard at work in her studio dying up some select limited edition batches of variegated colors.


squishy variegated

And look at the results!  These are skeins of Anzula Squishy.   They contain 375 yards of fingering weight yarn made from our favorite blend of 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon.

We’ve cast on for dozens of samples with Squishy since we first started stocking the yarn, and we can’t wait to get started working with these stunning colors.  Think of the shawls and wraps that will be possible!

We hope that you can visit soon so that you can see the full range of the colors she left with us.  Our photos can’t begin to do them justice.  These skeins are available in limited quantities, and won’t be with us for very long base on how popular they’ve been this week.

We hope to see you soon!


Did you know?

Julie has found a deliciously soft new yarn that is part of an environmental movement protecting New Zealand forests.  It does this by offering a valuable use for Brushtail Possum fiber.


Zealana rimu

Since its introduction to New Zealand by fur traders in the late 19th century, the non-native brushtail possum population exploded.  In the mid 1980′s there were an estimated 16-20 possum for every human in New Zealand.  This is primarily because of the lack of natural predators that would normally maintain an ecological balance. In neighboring Australia, where natural predators abound, brushtail possum populations are so low that it has been designated a protected species.

In 24 hours it is estimated that the brushtail possum population consumes 21,000 metric tons of vegetation in New Zealand forests.  Zealana is committed to the responsible management of the brushtail possum in New Zealand, and when you choose their luxury yarns, you are choosing to be a part of their sustainability story.

Choosing to work with these yarns is not difficult.  Possum fiber has wonderful characteristics that make it very appealing.  Due to the hollow nature of the fiber, it has exceptional thermal properties.  It is estimated to be 55% warmer than 100% merino wool and 35% warmer than 100% cashmere.

It naturally resists felting, and when blended with super washed fiber, it is machine washable.  The 50 gram skeins of DK weight Zealana Performa Rimu (shown above) contain 140 yards of 60% fine New Zealand Merino and 40% brushtail Possum.  Pattern ideas on Ravelry number in the hundreds for this yarn.  Can you imagine a more luxurious choice for a tiny hand knit sweater for a baby?  The Gramps Cardigan designed by Kate Oates is a great example.


Zealana air

These beautiful skeins are Zealana’s lace weight Air.  These 25 gram skeins contain 191 yds of a 40% cashmere, 40% brushtail possum down, and 20% mulberry silk blend. It has been specially designed to be as soft as cashmere, and resist the pilling typical of yarns of such buttery softness.  This will ensure that your luxurious hand knits will have a long life, making it a terrific choice for heirloom projects or gifts.

We love the selection of pattern ideas that can be found on Ravelry for this lace yarn.  The Light as AIR fingerless gloves designed by Nathalie O’Shea look as though they would make ideal holiday gifts.

We hope that you can visit us soon and get a chance to feel the wonderful softness of these skeins.  They are irresistable.  And when you are helping to save the beautiful New Zealand ecosystem by knitting with this yarn, why not indulge?

Reywa yarn and fostering hope

Knitting stitches people together.  We have loved to see the thriving community that has been built around our project tables in the shop on Tuesday evenings; and the connections that grow from there.  We have found that our classes bring crafters together.  And the various charity and knit bombing projects that we have helped coordinate have also created bonds in our community.

We now have an opportunity to support a larger community.  Last week, we received our first shipment from Reywa Fibers.



These downy soft skeins of Embrace Yarn are 100% Tibetan Yak Down, in three colors: Barley, Cloud and Dancing Yak!  Each skein of this DK weight yarn contains 210 yards/95 grams. 

Yak fiber is very special, sharing many of the characteristics of alpaca, qivuit, cashmere and fine merino wool.  Some of the highlights include: luxurious softness, superior warmth, naturally hypo-allergenic properties, excellent for wearing next to sensitive skin, extreme breathability and insulating properties, and natural water resistance.


© Reywa Fibers

© Reywa Fibers

“Beyond the incredible natural properties of yak, Reywa Fiber’s 100% Tibetan Yak Down yarns come with an extraordinary story of community and environmental transformation. Their roots are in non-profit work on the Tibetan Plateau, and profits from the sale of their yarns is reinvested directly in educational sponsorship for children of impoverished families, and in grasslands restoration initiatives to reverse the process of desertification that threatens the traditional grazing-lands of the Tibetans’ herds.

Reywa means hope. Know that when you purchase Reywa yarns, you are helping to provide hope for a Tibetan student—and their family—for a future free of poverty.”

We at My Sister Knits are thrilled to play a small part in supporting families half a world away.  This yarn offers all of us a chance to extend the supportive reach of our knitting circle while doing what we love to do: create beautiful hand knits with fiber that is a pleasure to work with.

We think that you’ll fall in love with these skeins as much as the mission of Reywa Fibers.  There is a generous selection of pattern ideas that could be knit up with this yarn on Ravelry for you to choose from.  We hope that you’ll find a favorite and come to the shop to see our beautiful skeins.

A buzz about Shibui Pebble

Theresa and Kate have both been knitting with Shibui Pebble and can’t say enough about it.  This light fingering yarn creates a deliciously soft and comforting fabric when knit with two strands held double.

Kate just pulled this version of Natsumi off the blocking boards.



This beautiful boxy cabled pull over is knit side to side and Kate just loved working on the project.  The yarn was a pleasure to knit with, and the finished sweater is going to be one of her favorites this fall.

Pebble has been created with a blend of three favorite fibers: cashmere, fine merino, and recycled silk.  This blend creates a tweedy effect. Separate plies of each fiber retain their distinctive characteristics, but blend into a beautifully cohesive yarn flecked with complex tonal colors.

And one of our favorite designers must be in love with it as well, because Julie Hoover released a new collection of four patterns this week that are all designed to be knit up with this lovely yarn.  We encourage you to take a closer look at Hart, Cohle, Lange, and Leigh.

We have an eye-catching selection of Shibui Pebble in stock at the shop in sweater quantities for you to choose from.



Even Molly is excited about it!  Do you have a pattern in mind for this beautiful yarn?