Say Hello to Jeffrey!

We are in for a rare treat this week!  Some of you may have been to The Yarn Guys’ booth at Interweave’s Yarn Fest.  The booth is chock-a-block full of amazing Norwegian knits as they are the US distributors of Norway’s Rauma yarns.  This yarn is sticky which is perfection for colorwork projects! We carry their…

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  • light-arbor-skeins-rtp

    Celebrating Brooklyn Tweed’s Arbor!

    Brooklyn Tweed has launched their newest yarn, Arbor! Arbor is a new venture for Brooklyn Tweed!  It’s worsted spun, meaning the fibers are combed straight and closely aligned before spinning, resulting in yarn that is denser and stronger and has more weight and drape than woolen spun yarns. Because of the way they’re spun and the tweediness of…

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  • materials-rtp

    Wondering How to Precisely Measure a Gauge Swatch?

    The yummiest of yarns and a pattern you can’t wait to cast on are sitting in front of you.  It’s a small project, an accessory that you will love if it turns out to be the size you want.  You are prepared for success; your washed and blocked swatch is ready to be measured.  Good…

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  • rhinebeck-cowl-on-suitcase-rtp

    I’ll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck Kit and Class!

    Marian of Marianated Yarns and Deb Jacullo, who designs for Chelsea Yarns, have teamed up to give knitters the charming I’ll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck design and yarn kit! Kimberly particularly loves the ‘guard llama’ with the sheep! If you are enchanted with this cowl but are a tad intimidated by the colorwork, never fear! First, you’ll…

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  • swatches-3-of-3-rtp

    Swatching Saves the Day!

    You’ve just bought the most delicious yarn to make the perfect pattern and you can’t wait to cast on!  You have cleared your schedule and have a few precious hours to spend on your beautiful new creation. Then a niggling thought comes to the forefront of your mind.  It gets stronger.  And stronger.  You try…

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  • tov-skeins-dark-rtp

    Today’s the Day!

    Today is an exciting day for Woolfolk and My Sister Knits; it’s the launch of their newest family member, Tov! Tov is aran weight with an unusual construction; it’s a 12 ply cabled yarn.  Six sets of two plies are twisted in one direction.  Then  those six strands are twisted together in the opposite direction creating a…

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  • tynd-skeins-rtp

    Have You Discovered Woolfolk?

    Woolfolk is welcoming a new addition to their family of yarns!  Join us as we celebrate on Thursday, October 6th from 1pm until 5pm! Woolfolk, named after owner Kristin Ford’s Danish grandmother, is known for its yarns that are soft as down.  Kristin found sheep in Patagonia with wool that feels like cashmere!  This wool…

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  • lakelet-shawl-rtp

    The Lovely Lakelet Shawl

    Julie discovered a lovely, tailored, small shawl at Squam this summer, designed specifically for that renowned June retreat.  This fall accessory drapes beautifully and feels softly luxurious wrapped around your neck and shoulders! Lakelet uses Kettle Yarn Co.’s Beyul and, oh my, it’s irresistible! Made with  20% baby Yak, 20% Silk, and 60% ethically sourced Merino wool, you won’t want…

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  • quarry-skeins-2-rtp

    Make Brooklyn Tweed Quarry’s Aquaintance

    When you choose Brooklyn Tweed’s Quarry for your next chunky weight project, you’re in for a marvelous knit with a special yarn!       Quarry is spun in a unique way to give it a plump squishy texture.  When you look at it closely, you’ll notice that its three plies are placed next to one…

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  • o-wool-rtp

    The Convenience of Kits!

    Some days you relish the thought of knitting something new and you just can’t wait to cast on!  At the same time, you wish everything could be presented to you in one fell swoop, the pattern and the yarn ready to go, no decisions to be made. We have just that, ready and waiting for you,…

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