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Continental Knitting

With Kimberly

March 16 | 1:00 pm | Class limit: 6

Thrower or picker?  Typically, if you knit by throwing the yarn with your right hand, you’re a thrower; if you pick up yarn from your left hand, you’re a picker.  Many people consider picking(Continental) faster than throwing(English).  Kimberly will be happy to show current throwers how to learn the continental(picking)style of knitting. 

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of knitting and purling.

This is not a learn to knit class, it’s a learn to knit differently class. With continental knitting you will learn to hold your yarn in your left hand, maintain tension and transition between knitting and purling with efficiency and ease. This technique can increase speed and efficiency, reduce motion and wear and tear on the body, and will be handy for stranded colorwork. Bring Worsted weight yarn and corresponding needles. No homework required.


Please sign up by March 9th.

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