Ritual Dyes Yarn

My Sister Knits has the good luck to be one of only five yarn shops to carry Ritual Dyes yarn!  This is a brand new line of yarn from Rachel Bratcher of Portland, Oregon.

Rachel has developed two yarn lines that are quite diverse.  One is completely from the United States and dyed with natural plant dyes, producing gorgeous soft colorways.  The other is sourced outside of the United States but is dyed in-house, producing deeply saturated and ever-so-subtly speckled colorways.

Elder and Maven

These are the yarns that are from the U.S.  Elder is a light worsted weight while Maven is a fingering weight.

Ritual Dyes
These are just three of the delicate colorways.

This yarn is 100% Rambouillet.  Rambouillet sheep are like a first cousin to Merino.  While their fleece has a bit less luster and isn’t quite as fine as Merino, it has some warmth, bounce, and resilience that Merino lacks.

Rachel worked for months creating her exquisite colorways in this soft squishy yarn which is great for any project you have in mind.

My Sister Knits
Here are three of the subtle neutral colorways.

Ritual Dyes Zodiac Collection

Rachel’s creativity exploded with this collection!  She is releasing a new colorway each sun cycle that corresponds with the appropriate zodiac sign.  She loves to spend time during the sun cycle thinking about and creating the colorway for that time period.  So far she has released Capricorn and Aquarius.  In addition to the yarns, she designs an enamel pin and chenille patch for each Zodiac sign.

Ritual Dyes Zodiac
Capricorn patch

As Rachel creates Zodiac colorways, she incorporates the particulars of each sign.  She uses colors that represent the signs and also complementary secondary colors.  She spends a lot of time creating understated and beautiful colorways with staying power.

As this is a slow release, with one new color at a time, your anticipation will build as your birthday approaches!  In the meantime, you can make gifts for your loved ones as their yarns are released!  You could create combinations with fades or colorwork designs using your family’s signs.  Imagine the possibilities!

Plus, as each Ritual Dyes Zodiac colorway is released, Rachel adds a fun ‘fiberscope’!

We have Capricorn and Aquarius in the shop and Pisces is on the way.  Come in to see them soon!


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