Good-hearted Knitters and Crocheters Needed!

My Sister Knits is reaching out to good-hearted knitters and crocheters!  We know you will jump at the chance to make a huge difference in someone’s life.  There is an immediate need in Northern Colorado for  Knitted Knockers ; soft, comfortable knit or crocheted prosthetics for breast cancer survivors.

Recently, Style magazine, the Coloradoan, and the UC Health newsletter have published articles bringing attention to these lovely soft, handmade prosthetics.  Until last Friday, our local chapter of Knitted Knockers was receiving 5 – 8 requests a week.  Since then, due to the much appreciated publicity, they have received 78 requests and counting!  There are many, many women who need these and there aren’t enough Knitted Knockers to fulfill the requests.

finished Knitted Knockers, waiting to be filled by Program Director Deanna Scott and her team

We know that knitters and crocheters will join together to fill this immediate need and then help to keep up the supply.

 Here’s what you do:  1.  get some approved yarn (we have it in the shop for $5 and we can ship it to you if you can’t come in)  2.  we’ll provide you with the  pattern or you can download a free one here  3.  make a pair in just a few evenings  4.  return them to the shop.  C and D sizes are desperately needed as quickly as you can make them right now!

It’s extremely important to only use approved yarn because otherwise they can’t be used and that would be a shame.

3 pairs ready to be packaged

Starting in April, My Sister Knits is going to have Knitted Knockers making sessions the last Wednesday of every month at Tasty Harmony from 4 – 7 and everyone is welcome!  Making these in the company of others will add an extra dimension of camaraderie and friendship to the project.  However, don’t think you need to wait until the end of April as these are needed as quickly as possible.

If you want help, come to our free Fearless Knitting help sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays from noon until 1pm.  We are happy to help at any other time, however, the help sessions are when you’ll get one-on-one guidance with no distractions.  We also are happy to help at the Tasty Harmony making sessions.

packaged up and ready to be sent out

Deanna Scott, Knitted Knockers Program Coordinator for UC Health, received a grant from WISH  to start the program locally.  The grant covers the cost of packaging and mailing the prosthetics.  These are given free of charge to anyone in Northern Colorado who wants them.  There are samples in all oncology offices, radiation rooms, the infusion center, everywhere cancer patients would be.  They are made of soft cotton yarn and filled with silk fiber that is non-allergenic, durable and washable.

Jenny is going to start a pair of D cups on Friday and have them back to the shop by Wednesday.  She’s making them in honor of her sister who is currently undergoing chemo.  Let’s see how many Cs and Ds we can get back to the shop by Friday, April 21 so they can go to recipients who are on the wait list!

For more information, contact Deanna at or My Sister Knits at 970.407.1461.


2 thoughts on “Good-hearted Knitters and Crocheters Needed!

  1. Diane Volpe

    Hi. For May, is the knitted knockers session going to be held on May 24 or on May 31? The blog says it will be the last Wed. of every month. That would be May 31. However, the latest newsletter says that May 31 is Wind Down Wednesday where everyone brings their own projects to work on.


    • Jenny

      Diane, it’s true that everyone can bring their own project to work on but that project can be your KKs! We just won’t have yarn there for new ones. I plan to work on mine then so we can work on them together!

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