Fibres of Life Bags

When you walk into My Sister Knits it’s hard not to notice the striking bags on top of the display case!  These bags are Fibres of Life fair trade products from Nepal.

Fibres of Life

Jenn Pullin, founder of Fibres of Life, is from Nova Scotia. If you would like to read the full story of how she came about founding Fibres of Life, read this.  

Jenn is passionate about fair trade products! She has put that passion to work helping to design and create handmade, ethically produced, high quality products.

Fibres of Life designs are fanciful and colorful, embracing a rich fall palette.  Jenn has learned that having up-to-date, distinct designs is an essential part of fair trade success!

Fair trade

No two products are exactly alike.  Knitting, felting, dyeing, stitching, and weaving are all done by hand and reflect each artisan’s traditions and artistic expression.

Jenn says it best when describing fair trade associations:

“Fair trade associations are based first, on supporting people and communities, with developing products as a means to that end. We meet and work where people work in small groups in neighbourhood houses with their children nearby or nestled in the group, family-based workshops, or in the main facilities of the fair trade associations, where parents working share the space with daycare support, a school for their kids, adult literacy classes, or a subsidized cafeteria with incredible food. The people who come to work at the associations come for varied reasons and from varied backgrounds. Some come simply seeking a positive work environment, training and mentorship, or better compensation. Others may have been marginalized in one way or another – economically, from a minority group or low caste, women leaving family violence, or youth at risk.”

My Sister Knits
© Fibers of Life

For in depth information on fair trade, the Fibres of Life website is well worth exploring!

We encourage you to come in and check out these bags that are hand made by artisans on a small scale.  One of My Sister Knits’ goals is to bring this type of product to our customers!


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2 thoughts on “Fibres of Life Bags

  1. Joyce Morrow

    I am inquiring about the “Across the Pond Cowl”, a kit on page 8 of Interweave’s holiday knits magazine. How does one go about purchasing one and is there a choice of color combo?
    Thank you. I was in the shop a year ago with my daughter and granddaughter and remember that day fondly.
    Joyce morrow

    • Jenny

      Joyce, thank you for your kind words! We’re so glad you liked the shop! Your question is well timed because right now we have some Across the Pond kits in the shop. They have two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft and one skein of Spincycle Dream State. If you call the shop, we can help you and send you photos. Then you can let us know what you’d like and we’ll get it in the mail to you! 970.407.1461 ~Jenny

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