Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show!

My Sister Knits has a trunk show consisting entirely of Brooklyn Tweed patterns for babies and children!

You may be asking yourself what exactly is a trunk show.  It’s when a yarn company sends us samples to display for a certain period of time.  You get to see first hand patterns knit up in the yarn they were designed for.  Many times they accompany the release of a collection of patterns.

We will only have this trunk show for a little while longer, so if you have any children to knit for, come in quickly!

This one has a diverse selection of pattern categories!  There are baby blankets:

My Sister Knits
The blanket on the left is the Shale Baby Blanket, the one on the right is the Tweed Baby Blanket, both knit in worsted weight Shelter and designed by Jared Flood.

There are several hats and this adorable colorwork set of a hat and mittens:

trunk show
This is the Pinwheel hat and mitten set knit with fingering weight Loft, designed by Veronik Avery.  There are charts for using two colors or five colors.

There are sweaters of all kinds..cardigans and pullovers, colorwork and plain:

local yarn shop
Clockwise from top left are two versions of Jared Flood’s Atlas (For Kids) sweater and Michele Wang’s dainty Petal cardigan, all knit with fingering weight Loft
local yarn shop
Clockwise from top left is Michele Wang’s Wyatt pullover and her Arlo cabled cardigan, and Jared Flood’s Sock Monkey Sweater.  Wyatt and Arlo use Shelter and Sock Monkey Sweater is knit with two strands of Loft held together.

We’ve pictured some but not all of the Brooklyn Tweed trunk show items; come in to see the rest before they must be sent back!

Quince & Co. trunk show

In early 2018 Pam Allen, founder of Quince & Co., published a collection of patterns in a book titled Plain and Simple.  We are so excited to see these cozy items in the flesh!  Plain and Simple is filled with patterns intended to be used every day.  They are all designed with Quince & Co.’s worsted weight Owl.

The trunk show containing these samples is due in any now!

Brooklyn Tweed trunk show
Chestnut, designed by Pam Allen

We are lucky to have a sample of one of the cardigans in the book, Chestnut, on display at the shop right now.  Instead of being knit with Owl, it was knit with Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter.  It’s an excellent example of how easy it is to substitute one yarn for another, providing they are alike.  We’ll gladly help you do that with any project!

Now is the time to relax with a knitting project that doesn’t have a deadline.  We encourage you to come in and find something calming to knit that will help you unwind!  Just think of it; yards of lovely yarn, a hot cup of your favorite drink, a scented candle burning, and a new knitting project.  What better way to end the year?


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