Billboard Bags!

My Sister Knits carries all sorts of special bags but Julie may have just found the most unique of all!

Rareform bags
The Brooklyn Backpack and Clarke Clutches

Julie has discovered Rareform bags.  These bags are made from recycled billboards!

Two brothers from California, Alec and Arik, were traveling in South America a few years ago where they saw old billboard vinyl being used for roofing.  This jump-started their creative juices and they decided to turn the discarded billboards into bags!

They found a source for the billboard vinyl and ordered a 40 foot truckload of it.  The problem was that they didn’t have anywhere to store them.  Guess what they did?  Sent them to their parents’ house without telling them!  Can you imagine Mom and Dad’s reaction when the truckload of billboard vinyl showed up?

My Sister Knits
The Union Duffle

An auto upholstery manufacturer made their first billboard bag, which was ingenious!  With determination, hustle, and long hours they gradually grew their business.  Today they have their own office and warehouse, employees, and have expanded internationally.

Their name Rareform comes from each bag being unique and the fact that the billboards take on a new form.

billboard bags
The Weekender Duffle

My Sister Knits has four styles of their bags.

Clarke Clutch

The uses for this little clutch are many!  With it’s fleece lining, everything inside will be safe from scratches.  Use it as a notions bag, small purse, to keep small travel items safe, or anything you can think of!

Brooklyn Backpack

A backpack with style!  This bag has a waterproof lining along with a place for your lap top and lots of pockets.

Weekender Duffle

These classic duffles are water resistant and durable with a zipper closure and an inner pocket.  They are lined with grey nylon cloth.

Union Duffle

This is a heftier, hardier bag than the Weekend Duffle.  It has a waterproof bottom and a padded base.  There are inside and outside zippered pockets.  It also is lined with grey nylon cloth.

We urge you to come in quickly to see these bags to get your choice!  Since these are made from recycled billboard vinyl, no two are alike!


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