Julie turned her love of knitting into a thriving business and yarn store, My Sister Knits. What started out as a small venture grew into a passionate community of creative minds. My Sister Knits provides a welcoming atmosphere for knitters of all types and skill levels, and promises an unforgettable experience while working with a world-class staff.


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Knitting has been a part of Julie’s life ever since she was young. Even now, knitting is a consistent outlet for her creativity and a source of happiness in her life. With the start of My Sister Knits, Julie finds herself fortunate enough to be able to share her passion with the community. With the positive team and environment that My Sister Knits provides, clients of all skill levels can make the most of their knitting experience.

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Diana recently retired from being an elementary school nurse for 25 years. Along with her husband, Bruce, they have relocated to Fort Collins from the Kansas City area. Now that Diana is finally here, working alongside her sister, Julie, it completes the dynamic and inspiration of My Sister Knits. She started knitting at the age of eight and her other hobbies include quilting, hiking, and birdwatching. Diana continues to grow in her knowledge of the ever-changing industry of knitting and is anxious to share that with you.

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Kimberly is an artist and maker with a BFA in Fiber Arts from Colorado State University. She is drawn to the colors and textures of yarns and is always seeking new ways to combine them. Kimberly loves the traditions of handwork, the community created by the gathering of makers, and the care and heart reflected in hand-mades. In her bag you will always find a bit of knitting, and a notebook for writing down quotes , doodles and pattern ideas.

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Connie is a self taught, left handed knitter who loves a challenging pattern. After retiring from her accounting profession several years ago, she decided to dive back in to knitting. Connie met Julie 12 years ago while living in Cheyenne, WY and commuted to Ft. Collins for open knitting on Tuesday nights. In 2013 Connie and Dale moved to Ft. Collins as Dale was pursuing a new job. In November of 2015, after being a dedicated customer for many years, Connie became a part-time employee of the shop. Connie loves not only working with the diverse product inventory that My Sister Knits has, but also the interaction with all the customers, and knitters of every skill level.

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Amelia began knitting at the age of five and has been an obsessive knitter ever since. Growing up across the street from My Sister Knits turned her knitting hobby into a passion and she has been a member of the My Sister Knits team for many years, first as a sample knitter and teacher and now as a part time employee. She loves a assisting people with their knitting and has yet to meet a mistake she cannot fix – she learned the hard way that you have to make mistakes to know how to fix them! She mostly stays at home with her daughter now, and knits while Miss V naps and plays. Miss V is bound to pick up a pair of needles any day!

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Teaching young children has been a large part of Ann’s life over the last two decades. She has taught kindergarten, first and second grades. Currently, she is teaching reading intervention to primary students. She has learned a lot during these years and hopes to bring that natural curiosity of learning into her creative life at My Sister Knits. My Sister Knits is much more than a yarn shop to Ann. She has discovered friendship and a sense of community. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow as a maker.

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Carol took a refresher knitting class in 2009 and became a devoted student of the craft. Several years ago while on vacation in Fort Collins she visited My Sister Knits and upon leaving the store, Carol declared that it would someday be her local yarn store. That reality happened when retirement brought her to Fort Collins in 2015, and Carol became a regular at Tuesday night knitting. When not working at My Sister Knits, Carol will likely be at home planting or weeding, walking her three “kids”(Westies), reading, relaxing on the porch, hiking, or volunteering with the local school band programs. Carol really enjoys being part of such a talented team. She is inspired by the multitude of gifted knitters and fiber enthusiasts that come through the doors of My Sister Knits.

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Zoe first learned to knit in 2011 while living in Santa Fe. While there she was involved with the Santa Fe Artist Market and was one of the founding members of Collaboration, a co-op gallery of local artists where she sold her beaded jewelry. In 2012 she moved to Fort Collins and quickly became part of the knitting community. She realized she was becoming as obsessed with yarn as she was with beads. The mixture of color, texture, and patterns has led her into another passion for weaving. In 2017 she started knitting shop samples and working part time at My Sister Knits. She is grateful to be working with a wonderful group of inspiring women.


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