Our Favorite Things

JUL designs Buckles

One of my current favorites is the Jul Closures. The simple design and construction makes each item unique, and the leathers are incredible. Jul Closures are functional, and tastefully designed by Laura who is wonderful to work with.


Stitch markers

These coilless antiqued brass stitch markers are one of my favorite knitting tools. They are slender enough to stay out of my way and also removable, which is useful in so many applications.  I once used an entire package of 20 stitch markers while working on my Churchmouse Modern Wrapper! They are simply beautiful.


Steven West Shawl

One thing I love about hand knits is that they give me the opportunity to express my point of view. I can make something no one else has. Westknit designs allow me creative opportunities because they are surprising, colorful and unique. These patterns are well written and easy to follow. And since they are gender neutral, they are my go to for gift knitting.


Anzula Cricket Yarns

What could be better than merino, cashmere and nylon to knit with! No matter what I set out to make with this yarn, it turns out lovely. Anzula Cricket Yarns show great stitch detail whether its stockinette, seed or a very detailed pattern. The color saturation is amazing.


Lilly brush

Lily brushes make knitwear care easy and are gentle on the fibers to ensure that my projects will look new for years to come. This product is great for freshly blocked new knits, making stitches look crisp and texture details clear. Freshening up my knitwear after everyday wear ensures that my sweaters look as though they just slid off my needles.


Molly our store mascot

Molly has been part of the family since the store began. While not a rescue dog she is a big fan of the Larimer Humane Society and tasty dog treats. Come by the store and say hello she's sure to welcome you with a smile and a friendly paw.