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Treat yourself

I started buying myself a little holiday gift each year about 20 years ago.  It is a tradition that I continue as a way to celebrate the spirit of giving and taking an opportunity to give myself a treat.

This year I will be wrapping up a pair of our new scissors that just arrived at the shop.


scissors 01 scissors 02 scissors 03

These beauties are from Studio Carta, all sourced in Italy.  Shown top to bottom- crane, small 3 1/2″, and medium 4 1/2″.  These are absolutely gorgeous and are tempting Theresa as well.

She is also considering some Anzula Cricket to make another poncho since she gifted hers away.  And she is also flirting with the idea of getting one of the stunning handcrafted barn wood trays that arrived several weeks ago.


theresa wish

Dawn has her heart set on Bijou Basin Sport Weight yak down in grey.  She is also eagerly awaiting the Fringe Supply tote we are expected to receive sometime soon.


dawn wish

What is on your wish list?  You may want to consider a quick visit to the shop to ensure that what you most desire finds it’s way under your tree this year.

Molly’s new best friend

Dawn finished her Winslow pillow!  This fun Brooklyn Tweed pattern designed by Julie Hoover is one of our favorites from the BT Kids collection.  Dawn cast on for this project earlier this fall and now we have a delightful pillow that Molly has adopted as her own.


winslow 02

Dawn decided to use Imperial Yarns Columbia a heavy worsted weight yarn with a delicious rustic feel.  This choice resulted in a slightly larger pillow that has finished measurements of 21″ square.

She used two skeins of the main color and a skein each of the colors that make up little Winslow.


winslow 04

Dawn elected to make her little bird a blue one so that the pillow can be gifted to the Little Bird Bakeshop after we’ve enjoyed it at the shop for a bit.  It will be a sad day for Molly to see this little bird fly our coop.  So we hope that you can come see it soon!

Just a few stitches can make a difference

Kate recently finished two cowls as a bit of an experiment.  She knit up two Climb and Swirl Cowls designed by Craig Rosenfeld.  This FREE pattern is perfect for beginner knitters or those looking for a fun social knitting project.

The pattern calls for an odd number of stitches at the cast on edge.  This means that the knit two, purl two rib spirals around the cowl because it is offset by the odd number of stitches.


climb and swirl

For the version of the cowl shown above, Kate cast on the called for 75 stitches using two strands of madelinetosh Merino DK held together using a US 9 needle.  She continued knitting until she had justenough yarn remaining to cast off loosely with a larger needle.  This resulted in a cowl whose finished measurements are 20 inches in circumference and 15 inches tall.

It has a snug fit surrounding her neck with soft folds of warmth.

Kate then cast on for a wider version of the cowl that would be less snug and more flattering for larger figures.  She cast on 99 stitches using the same yarn and needles.


cowl  b02

This cowl has a finished blocked circumference of 26 inches and 11 1/2 inches tall.  The looser fit means that she can wear it further back on her shoulders and it acts to provide a stunning pop of holiday color instead of snuggly warmth.

Which fit would you prefer to wear?

This pattern will look terrific knit up with bulkier yarns held singly.   And may be a perfect pattern for a few last minute holiday gifts.

We hope that you can stop by the shop to try on both versions of this cowl and find a yarn that you’d like to work with.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

more great gift ideas!

We’ve received some great one of a kind, locally crafted treasures that just might make your wish list…



These beautiful trays are made from reclaimed barn wood from Nebraska.  This wood is from a barn that was built in 1909 and now can be part of your holiday table centerpiece.


yarn bowl

A small collection of hand turned yarn bowls were delivered by our friend Jerry late last month.  Each one is more beautiful than the last!


stick pins

We also love the stick pins he designed just for us.  These are each approximately 6 inches long and between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch in diameter.  They make distinctive shawl pins that will be a delight to wear.


tea towel

And brand new to the shop are the newly released tea towels created by The Fringe Supply Company.  These are a great stocking stuffer.

Julie has curated a unique and exciting collection of gifts that will be a joy for you to choose from.  We would love to help make your holiday shopping a pleasure.  Stop on by or give us a call at 970-407-1461.

Our new yarn is yaktastic!

Julie found a wonderful new yarn that comes from just 65 miles southeast of Denver!  Bijou Basin Ranch is a small family owned and operated yak ranch situated on the open plains of the Colorado outback.  And their light sport weight Lhasa Wilderness is a new arrival at the shop.


Lhasa Wilderness 02

For those of you who have yet to work with yak fiber, here is a bit more information about what makes it so special.

“Typically, yak produce two different types of hair. The first is the outer “guard hair” which is the longer, coarser, and stronger hair.  The second hair produced is the short, fine, soft undercoat or “down hair” which is produced by the animals during the winter and is an incredible insulator. Yak living in cold climates will produce from one to two pounds of down annually. The down is shed in the spring and is harvested by combing.

The down is very soft and is comparable to cashmere or camel in softness and quality. Once separated from the guard hairs the down is processed into clouds and rovings and spun into yarn that is wonderfully warm and soft.

This yarn has it all: softness and strength, plus an excellent hand and drape, all in a versatile sport weight! Available in a soft natural brown, as well as brilliant semi-solids and a few variegated colors hand-dyed by Lorna’s Laces.”


Lhasa Wilderness

Julie didn’t waste a moment and has already knit up a beautiful Rikke sample with a single skein.  The simple garter stitch  slouch beautifully illustrates the soft suppleness of this yarn.  It is wonderfully soft, perfectly warm and the color is a pleasure to behold.

We think that you’ll enjoy working with this yarn as much as you will adore the finished projects you create with it.